Culinary Institute of Barcelona

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Their attitude is what brings them together, and their differential and unique fact is what allows them to make an impact on the future and transform their environment.

Before - MTV Showman
Now - Communicator and cook

"When I started studying cooking I saw that everything made sense."

Before - Biologist
Now - Chef

"What defines me is my passion and the search for my own kitchen."

Before - Legal Adviser
Now - Pastry

"With cooking I can make people happy and that makes me happy."

Before - Nutritionist
Now - Brewer and owner of Bliss Kombucha

"Now I feel safe and with the necessary tools to pursue my dreams"

Before - Maintenance
Now - Chef and owner of De Paula restaurant

"I changed because you have to take charge of your destiny."

Before - Architect
Now - Chef and owner of Can Boneta restaurant

"A good preparation, enthusiasm and passion is the most important thing to move forward."

Before - Trade MKT
Now - Chef / Trade MKT Specialist

"Suddenly you realize that what you dreamed for a while now is a reality."

Before - Commercial
Now - Chef and owner of the Trattoria Tomatteo

"Cooking well is not enough, you have to start and manage."

Before - Constructor
Now - Responsible for I+D and sales at Kimon Fruits

"My job is to facilitate the work to the Chef."

Before - Psychologist
Now - Chef and owner of El Provisional restaurant

"It is a very hard profession. You have to be passionate"

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