Culinary Institute of Barcelona

Do you want to join CIB?

We like people who think differently, who are prepared to change, who want the world to be a better place.

We like people who talk with other people, regardless of where they are or where they are going.

We like people who like doing what they do well, who love their work.

We like people who value their real life experiences more than their professional successes.

We like people who learn from everything they teach, who are surprised by and admire the talent of others.

We are “people people”.

We want you to know that in its founding and operational spirit CIB has a a rational and motivational vision for its growth.

We believe in people and, for that reason, we will do everything possible so that you find the Culinary Institute of Barcelona a place where you can develop as a professional, offering you always the opportunity to promote yourself horizontally and vertically.

We have a common goal in which you can soon play a role. If we include you in the team, it is because we believe you can help us achieve it. We are aware that we run risks, that nothing will be given to us on a plate and that the result will depend on our capacity for hard work and our attitude to resolving unexpected circumstances that can arise.

Therefore, my first words to you are of congratulations. If you decide to grow with us, it is because you are ready to exceed the threshold set out in our recruitment and selection policy. This policy places the greatest emphasis on attitude, preparedness and a love of work well done. My most sincere congratulations and welcome to CIB, the Culinary Institute of Barcelona.

If one of the positions available is of interest to you, take up the challenge and send us your CV.