Culinary Institute of Barcelona


Admission process


Through this process, we will value your academic and professional career, your story life and trajectory, your commitment and motivations and the fit that your will bring to the CIB and group of students.

The steps to follow are:

  • 1

    Complete the admission form and submit the required documentation.

    Fill in the application for admission and submit the required documentation through the following form:

  • 2

    Admission interview

    After receiving your application for admission, one of our advisors will contact you for a personal interview

  • 3


    The Admissions Committee will be responsible for making the final decision based on the information we have gathered during this process

  • 4


    As soon as we know the decision of the Admissions Committee, we will contact you. If your application has been approved, you can register by paying the reservation of your place.

  • 5

    Approval and reservation.

    As soon as we have the decision of the Admissions Committee, we will be in touch with you. If your application is accepted, you will be able to enrol by paying for a place booking.