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Through this process we will assess your life and professional experience, your commitment and motivations, how well you fit in and the diversity you will bring to the group.

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Student from the Restaurant’s Management courses from the Culinary Institute of Barcelona.

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On all of our program pages you can download more information, request more information and even schedule a call from an advisor for personal guidance.


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When you feel confident enough, fill out the admission form. It's one of the most important steps for moving forward, positioning yourself and taking you to the next step of your candidacy. Take your time to clearly write what you want to express.


Your assessment interview

If we are impressed, you will move on to the assessment interview phase, which will be online and at a time that suits you. Remember that, after the interview, you will have about a month to formalize your enrollment month to formalize your enrollment, so you should only take this step when you know you can make the commitment. Don't rush it; do it at the right moment.


Admissions committee

The admissions committee meets once a week and reviews your application.w We analyze your life experience, your entrepreneurial nature, your attitudes towards creativity, innovation and our teaching model.



After receiving notification of acceptance, you will have until Friday of the same week to confirm your booking and 14 days to enroll. This will start you on your path to becoming a CIBer.

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This could be the first step toward a major change.

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Application for admission


  • We recommend you use a desktop device to fill out the form.

  • Check your grammar and spelling.

  • Read the form until the end before you start to fill it in.

  • Your form will be evaluated by the acceptance committee. Make sure you stand out.

  • You will work in a team and in a multicultural environment. This information helps us understand your ability to adapt.

  • Your origins tell us what things have been important to you and your life journey. Tell us which people and circumstances have had the most influence on your life.

  • We are much more interested in your future than in your past. Take time to express yourself, we want to know what kind of future you want and what your character and desires are.

  • We want to know what goals you have in mind and if they are aligned with our vision and understanding of the world.

  • Many of our students are entrepreneurs or intend to be one day. The CIB is for everyone who has the willingness to improve the established to improve the status quo. How do you identify yourself?

  • Honesty is a core value at the CIB. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses will help us in the future to turn your strengths into advantages and your weaknesses into opportunities.

  • The CIB was created to face and transcend the constant paradigm shifts of the 21st century and we will do so with responsibility, courage and discipline.