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We train with disruptive learning experiences for creative cooking and leadership in restaurant management.

Our focus is on innovation, creativity and all that is yet to come

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They are disciplined, they fulfill their tasks and their social obligations.

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Cooking School

CIB is the cooking school of Barcelona that focuses on creativity and innovation in culinary fields, and in management of gastronomic establishments. CIB has a clear international vocation and vision towards the future through the use of Design Thinking’s methodology applied to training in cooking classes.

Students receive, in addition to specialized training, up to 30% of training for the development of cognitive, leadership and communication skills and the promotion of attitudes oriented to innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship.

Study cooking in Barcelona

Study cooking in Barcelona

To study cooking in Barcelona is to train in one of the cities considered as cultural and gastronomic epicenters. Plurality, avant-garde and innovation have allowed the city to have authors and culinary restaurants to be referenced worldwide.

There are many reasons to live and study in Barcelona. The city is cosmopolitan, it has a great cultural and culinary variety, the economic and entrepreneurial conjuncture, the environment of innovation and creativity offer opportunities for those able to adapt and who have a differentiated and winning culinary offer.

Living in Barcelona is comfortable, has a good infrastructure for public transport and 400 km of bike lanes. The cultural, sports and musical history make Barcelona a creative liveliness where gastronomy is the center of all eyes and palates. It is no coincidence that Google claims that Barcelona it is the second most photographed city in the world after New York.