Students of the CIB combined programs in class

Design your culinary trainingCombined programs

For anyone looking to design their own program in gastronomy with the training that best suits their professional goals.

An education to train for the gastronomic challenges of the future with a creative, innovative and international mindset, to stand out from the crowd and start your own venture as a chef.

Students of the CIB combined programs in class

1 out of 3

students chooses a combined program

To complement their studies with specific skills.

25 months

in Barcelona

The average time spent by students at the CIB who choose a combined pathway.


Economic benefits

Combined programs have discounted rates



Combined programs offer you the flexibility to choose the training that best suits your needs.

From 9 to 41 months · Full Time

  • Location

  • Language
    In Spanish with English support

    Our classes are mostly taught in Spanish, but documentation is provided in both languages. We offer visual support with a real-time translation and also free Spanish classes for all students who do not speak the language.

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Combined programs

Choose your path in the world
of gastronomy

Gran Chef Diploma

The Grand Chef Diploma is an innovative and disruptive program designed to prepare and train you to become a chef with a holistic vision. The combined program, lasting almost two years, is a transformative process made up of four learning and evolutionary stages.

As part of this diploma, you can choose the training plan that best suits your professional goals.

For whom

For people who want to start a culinary career, train after years of experience in the restaurant industry or change profession to become a chef or entrepreneur. Get ready to live a transformation process that prepares them to differentiate themselves in the professional market.

About the program

Pastry Chef Diploma

This is the most comprehensive and up-to-date intensive pastry training program on the market. It will give you the confidence you need to work in the dessert stations of restaurants, pastry shops, bakeries, chocolatiers or large-scale businesses, having acquired the knowledge and skills you need. You will experience a process of personal transformation through teamwork, leadership, creative thinking for problem-solving and by learning the foundations for future entrepreneurship, if that is your goal. This program is made up of three phases that evolve from one to the next.

For whom

This combined program does not require previous professional experience in pastry making. Regardless of your goals, whether you want to work in the sweet sector as a manager or start your own venture, this program provides you with the necessary tools and skills that will allow you to join the next generation of pastry chefs.

About the program

Specialist Chef Diploma

The Specialist Chef Diploma allows you to kick start your career in cooking and specialize in the technique or trend of your choice in order to increase your professional opportunities. A process of professional transformation that combines three learning and evolutionary stages.

Within this diploma, you can choose the training plan that best suits your professional goals.

For whom

This combined program does not require previous professional culinary experience. It is designed to teach you the basics so you can acquire a high degree of specialization in the subject you choose. It is a flexible program that allows you to take your career to the next level.

Manager Diploma

It is a combined program focused on developing skills for team leadership, entrepreneurial vision,technical culinary knowledge and international gastronomy. This program will guide you through a process of professional transformation that combines three learning and evolutionary stages.

Depending on whether you want to start or lead a gastronomic business, you can choose the itinerary that best suits your professional goals.

For whom

Whether you already have a business , you want to open one or lead one in the future, this program will help you gain a 360º understanding of the sector and its businesses, without the need for previous professional experience. If you choose this combined program, it means that you want to learn how to lead or start a gastronomic business with a comprehensive understanding of all aspects, aligned with the values required in the 21st century.

Meta Chef

This is our largest combined program that includes EVERYTHING. You will undergo the most life-changing experience over the course of almost four years studying gastronomy in Barcelona. Being a Metachef means having a range of knowledge great enough to lead any kitchen or restaurant in the world, adapt to different cultures and paradigms in the field of product, technology, and contexts, and apply a creative and innovative approach.

For whom

This program is for anyone who wants to take a step beyond the role of a chef, and not limit themselves to acquiring knowledge, but rather focus their development on the skills needed to face the paradigm shifts that this century holds, and empower your attitudes to become an agent of transcendental change.

About the program

International internships in restaurants where you can continue learning with the CIB.

3 to 12


of internships in restaurants



to suit your objectives, interests and performance


with a MICHELIN star

where students learn from the best.

For three, six or twelve months, you will put into practice everything you have learned while you continue your training in one of the many national and international restaurants with which the CIB has a collaboration agreement, under the criteria of educational quality, while we monitor your progress.

The advantages of studying gastronomy in Barcelona.


Barcelona is known for its rich culinary culture, with a wide variety of restaurants, tapas bars and fresh food markets. Studying at a culinary school in Barcelona means having access to fresh, authentic ingredients and being able to learn from some of the best chefs in the world.

International experience

Barcelona is a multicultural and touristic city, which means you will have the opportunity to interact with people from all over the world. Studying at an international cooking school in Barcelona means having the opportunity to learn culinary techniques from diverse cultures and cuisines.

Job opportunities

Barcelona is a cosmopolitan tourist city with a thriving restaurant industry. Studying cooking in Barcelona means having the opportunity to intern at some of the city's best restaurants, which allows you to gain work experience and make valuable contacts in the industry.

Culinary innovation

Barcelona is known for being an innovative city when it comes to gastronomy. Studying at a cooking school in Barcelona means being at the epicenter of the latest culinary trends and techniques, which can be especially valuable for students interested in culinary innovation.

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  • Step 6

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    You will have to reserve your place the same week you receive the acceptance email, and pay the rest of the registration fee within 15 days (30% of the total amount of the course you have chosen).

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