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Pastry Chef Diploma

Start your career as a professional pastry chef by learning everything from the basics to the highest level of specialization.

Candidate chef presenting a gastronomic elaboration.

Introduction to the Pastry Chef Diploma Combined Program

A 360º experience in the world of professional pastry and chocolate making

We train chefs capable of reinterpreting 21st century patisserie with an international vision

The Pastry Chef Diploma is one of the CIB's most sought-after combined programs. It is designed to help students achieve a high level of professional skill in professional pastry and chocolate making. This combined program gives you the confidence to enter this profession having acquired the knowledge and skills required in these work environments. What's more, you will have gained experience in teamwork, leadership and creative thinking for problem solving, as well as the foundations for future entrepreneurial ventures, if that is your goal.

The Culinary Institute of Barcelona's Pastry Chef Diploma is the first step towards your personal transformation, focusing on creativity and innovation and with one eye constantly on the future. You'll be surrounded by people from all over the world with the same goals as you: to transform their life.

Over the course of nearly one year, you will share your experience of learning and growth with people of diverse nationalities, cultures, beliefs and influences. You will enrich each other's lives and form friendships and professional relationships that will last a lifetime.

You will be taught by true masters of the trade, renowned professionals with years of experience all over the world. From the best chocolatier in Spain to a promise of the "bean to bar" movement, among others. Your teachers will be your mentors throughout the program, challenging you each day so you can become the best version of yourself.

This program is the most comprehensive and current intensive training course on the market. It is different from any other course, as it will not teach you to memorize and regurgitate recipes, rather it will give you the tools you need to learn using scientific formula and creativity to find better solutions and come up with innovative proposals in this exciting gastronomic field.

The Pastry Chef Diploma combines two academic terms and one term of work experience:

  1. You will learn the basics on the Professional Pastry and Baking Course.
  2. You will specialize in more complex techniques with the Advanced Pastry and Chocolate postgraduate course.
  3. You will then continue your training with a three-month supervised internship in an international culinary establishment with which the CIB has an agreement. It will be perfectly suited to your skills and preferences and meet the best education standards.

You will be completely transformed over the course of the three terms of cultural immersion in the city of Barcelona. You will acquire the confidence you need to take on the role of pastry and chocolate chef and be eligible for endless job opportunities in bakeries, pastry shops, artisan chocolate businesses, chocolate ateliers, the dessert station of any restaurant, industrial-scale businesses, or even start your own venture.


Learning objectives on the Pastry Chef Diploma combined program

Build your career with an international and disruptive attitude towards pastry and chocolate making

How you will learn to be a pastry chef

988 hours designed to make each day

of your learning into an unforgettable show

We do not teach you recipes, that would be teaching you to copy.

Here we teach you how to create, innovate and lead gastronomy in the 21st century.


CIB methodology

International supervised internships
you can to continue learning with the CIB..

You will put everything you have learned into practice on a three-month supervised internship in one of the numerous national and international patisseries or restaurants with which the CIB has a collaboration agreement, all based on the highest educational quality criteria.

Unforgettable experiences that will give you
a 360º perspective on the job of a specialist pastry chef and chocolatier

Get hands-on experience using raw materials, work with producers and get involved in the processes that make up the professional pastry making value chain.

Who is our Pastry Chef Diploma for?

For anyone looking to start
a career in professional pastry and chocolate making

What are CIB students on the Pastry Chef Diploma like?

For chefs who want to
excel in one of the most valued positions in the sector

The CIB is for you if...


  • Training is an investment in your future

  • Training should have an international focus

  • Current training in pastry and chocolate making is outdated

  • Traditional training is not adapted to the 21st century

  • Barcelona is an international leader in culinary innovation

  • Training must allow for positive work-life balance


  • To work in any field, context or business model

  • To take your career to the next level

  • Excel as a pastry chef

  • To have the best possible education


  • Entrepreneurial

  • Passionate

  • Creative

  • Non-conformist

  • Defiant

Prices and upcoming calls

Your time is now

Get more for less.

The combined program is the smartest option that offers financial advantages over studying the programs separately.

Next admission call

September 2023

€ 15,725


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Upcoming admission calls

January 2023

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May 2024

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What the price includes

Absolutely everything

Benefits of being a CIBerSon

The CIB is just the beginning

Cibers, students of the Culinary Institute of Barcelona cooking.

[ Attitude ]


Being a CIBer means being ready for tomorrow. They are united by this forward-thinking attitude and their goal of impacting the future by enhancing their surroundings.

  • Job opportunities

    Former CIB students have access to our job opportunities board. Restaurants, hotels and food production businesses know that when they hire students from the CIB, they are getting a high level of talent.

  • Entrepreneurship

    We nurture the talent that comes from our classrooms. Sometimes we have the honor of inviting this talent onto our team.

  • Events

    The CIB organizes and hosts many events, and you, as a student or alumnus, will always be more than welcome.

  • Networking

    When you finish your course, besides the knowledge you will have acquired, you’ll also have gained countless contacts of talented students from across the world, as well as your teachers. It will be up to you to make the most of them.

  • The next generation of teachers

    We keep an eye out for talent and nurture that which emerges from our classrooms. Sometimes we have the honor of incorporating this talent into our team.

  • Your continuous education

    CIBers will always have privileged access to our continuous education programs under the best conditions, including our postgraduate programs.

  • Use of the facilities

    The CIB will be available for you to accelerate your ideas, give your presentations or propose an activity whenever you need it.

Potential career paths for chefs

For whatever your future will be.

Here we teach you how to stand out.


  • Run the dessert section in a hotel or restaurant

  • Create your own business

  • Work in pastry or chocolate making establishments

  • Sweet cuisine consultant

  • Culinary advisor

  • Pastry coach

  • R&D creative and culinary concepts

  • Industry or large-scale production Pastry chef

Your competitive edge:

  • You will have been trained to work in a team.

  • You will know how to use formulas based on product knowledge, technologies, and methodologies depending on the situation.

  • You will have developed skills that are unique to the CIB.

  • You will be able to develop creative proposals on demand.

  • You will be ready to enter the world of professional pastry and confectionery.

  • You will have obtained practical knowledge about all aspects of 21st century pastry and chocolate making.

  • You will have tested your skills in complex environments and real-world challenges.

  • You will have created a high-quality international network with leading-industry professionals.

  • The CIB methodology will have provided you with the creative vision, tools and work methodologies to face all future professional challenges.

  • You will have an ample skill set for working in the food industry, including the ability to manage teams, as well as knowledge of how pastry products are produced and marketed.

  • You will be able to adapt to changing markets and innovate and develop new techniques and products.

The CIB admission process

Getting accepted by the CIB

At the CIB, we receive thousands of admissions requests, but only a certain number are accepted.

Candidate profiles are determined before each new enrollment period, and the Acceptance Committee strives to comply with the established criteria.

Only a handful of candidates pass the final phase.


  • To be over 18

  • To pass the Admissions Committee's assessment

At the CIB, we do not take your academic background into account. Instead, we look at your attitude and inclination towards creativity and innovation, as well as your entrepreneurial spirit and life experience. We believe in people, not CVs. That's why you should go for it.

  • 1

    Request information
    Send us your request and an advisor will call you as soon as possible to talk you through the process.
  • 2

    Send in your admission form
    Once you have spoken with the advisor, they will give you access to the admission form and advise you on how to complete it correctly. We want to know about you, how you live, how you think, what you're doing and what's important to you.
  • 3

    Assessment interview
    If we think you meet our criteria, you will go onto the interview phase. You will be able to arrange it for a time that suits you. We look at your attitude and inclination towards creativity and innovation as well as your entrepreneurial spirit and life experience. We believe in people, not CVs. That's why you should go for it.
  • 4

    Acceptance Committee
    The Acceptance Committee will look over your application on the Monday following your interview, and we will notify you of the result by email that same day.
  • 5

    In the same notification, we will explain how to reserve your place and to begin enrolling for the course. You will have 30 days to complete this process.
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