From the garden to the table

Understand the value of proximity and sustainability in the selection process of raw materials.

Visit a strawberry producer and some high quality organic wine cellars to understand the importance of choosing a good product for culinary elaborations.

Understand the importance of using 0 km products

Discover an excellent raw material and then be able to apply it in the elaborations differentiating its value and contributing it to storytelling.

Know the process of cultivation of 0 km strawberries and its benefits

Identify the quality and seasonality of the strawberry, recognizing the characteristics of flavor, appearance and texture that make them unique in the market.

Know the methods of production and cultivation of the grapes of the area

Understand how wines are made in a sustainable and ecological way, knowing how to differentiate the flavors and nuances of the different typologies.

Carry out an R&D workshop with strawberries

Taste the products and create symbiosis between them by experimenting with different culinary techniques in the kitchens of the CIB.

Jordi Farrés. Director of the Postgraduate Course in Pastry and Chocolate.

This experience lets you realize that around a large city there may be companies dedicated to the production of high quality products

Postgraduate in Pastry and Chocolate