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Postgraduate specialist chef in:

Pastry and Chocolate

Culinary Institute of Barcelona pastry course teacher.
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  • Duration

    3 months class hours

  • Classroom hours


  • Schedule

    From Monday to Wednesday from 8 am to 2 pm or from 3pm to 9pm. This course requires an additional time commitment from the student for individual study and group work.

  • Language


  • Places

    16 students

  • Price

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January 2021

7,500 €



May 2021

7,500 €

From 6,375 € registering before November 13, 2020



September 2021

7,500 €

From 6,000 € registering before November 13, 2020


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The Postgraduate Specialist chef in Pastry and Chocolate is one of the most requested specializations in our catalog. The 24 students of each promotion reach the highest level of specialization, being able to apply it in the dessert’s menu from avant-garde restaurants, and in the most prestigious chocolate shops.

They’re three very intense months accompanied by the best teachers and in a international environment that characterizes the CIB, the school recognized worldwide for its methodology focused on developing and enhancing the most creative and innovative skills and attitudes in the world. This is why, when they finish their studies, most of our students undertake businesses related to their specialization taking a step further, arriving before and beyond, than those who choose for more traditional training in other centers.

Three months getting forward in time because in CIB, the look to the future is always present in everything that is done and taught. And not only in what has to do with culinary arts and sciences, but also because it includes the Lateral Skills module for training in cognitive and leadership skills that gives such a recognition to our center. Companies and universities from all around the world are users of our facilities and our workshops precisely to empower their directors, executives and students.

All of it in the best training environment, in reference facilities designed specifically for Active Training and surrounded by students from all over the world who have been able to overcome our attitudinal selection. Be on of them.

For us, confectionery is an alchemy of textures, matrices, aromas, flavours, products, travel and experiences. Joan and Jordi Roca


  • 1

    Create disruptive professionals who are capable of initiating transformation processes in the sweet cuisine industry,restaurant desserts and chocolate.

  • 2

    Acquire products and technologies knowledge to manipulate and transform it, and about the social, economic and cultural contexts that condition their application and convenience in each case.

  • 3

    Understand and now how to apply the diverse ingredients in an international level, and the impact of each election in the final product.

  • 4

    Develop practical skills to be able to make all kinds of products, including chocolates, ice creams, candies and decoration pieces, among others.

  • 5

    Acquire a great knowledge about new tools, containers, machinery and technologies, for developing a pastry format without horizons.

  • 6

    Obtain a solid base on the different work techniques and the execution of each of them. Also, to increase a culinary culture of sweet and chocolate in the kitchen.

  • 7

    Understand and apply a leadership style based in teamwork, from mutual respect, as a way to achieve common objectives to the group and the company.

At whom it is aimed

  • For those who don’t comply with what is established in cooking and pastry schools.

  • For those who want to star with new ideas, new products and new ways of interpreting the world of desserts and chocolate.

  • For professionals who are tired of doing always the same, with the same things and in the same way.

  • For those chefs who want to take a step forward in their restaurant’s dessert offer.

  • For brave pastry chefs and chocolatiers who want to discover the future of their profession.

Requisites for admission

The 16 candidates accepted on this course tend to be individuals with a passion for the world of sweets.

Admission process

  • 1

    Complete the admission form and submit documentation.

    This process is completed online using this link.

  • 2

    Admission test and level of Spanish language proficiency.

    Even though we will provide you with the simultaneous translation pilot system, some knowledge of Spanish would be useful. The admission test will give is an indication of your level and of your personality traits, willingness to work and creativity.

  • 3

    Interview with the program coordinator.

    You will have a telematic interview with the program coordinator, who will assess your compatibility with the group and your contribution to the same.

  • 4

    Admissions Committee.

    Your application will be sent to the Admissions Committee, which will make the final decision based on information received during the process.

  • 5

    Approval and reservation.

    If the opinion is positive, you will be able to enrol by paying for a place booking. Welcome to CIB!


Postgraduate degree from CIB

Content structure

Area Subject Methodology Credits
Knowledge Area Product Knowledge Raw Material Demonstrative 6
Sensory Analysis and tasting Demonstrative
Technology Knowledge Transformation and processes Practical 9
Application Practical
Chocolates, sweets and candies Practical
Pastries and puff pastries Practical
Chocolates Practical
Context Knowledge Past and Present Participative 6
Framework Practical
Future Demonstrative
Hability Area Lateral Skills Creativity & Innovation Participative 4
Leadership Workshops Participative
CIB Specials Participative
Decision making Participative
Attitudes Area Attitudes Fieldwork Experiencial 2
Experiences Experiencial
Transversal Area Transversal Application KALEID - Creative Cooking Projects Progressive (various formats) 3
Final Project Progressive (various formats)


Learning Area


Program director

Jordi Farres

Program Manager of the pastry and chocolate course at the Culinary Institute of Barcelona

Jordi Farrés is pastry chef, maitre chocolatier and pastry teacher. He began his cuisine and pastry studies at Joviat and EPGB, where he learned the basics of traditional cooking, and quickly noticed the artistic possibilities of the profession.

He specialized in pastry and works in different bakeries and renowned restaurants where he ended up being the responsible for the sweet area. He won numerous pastry competitions as the best young pastry chef of the year 2000. Among others, he was ranked 3rd in the Belgian Chocolate Award, and was named ambassador of the Belgian chocolate brand Barry Callebaut.

He worked as a pastry chef at the Hotel La Florida in Barcelona and is a member of the international task force of the Trump hotel chain. He founded his own business selling and distributing biscuit products in Barcelona and worked as a teacher in different schools throughout the Spanish territory.

He is now the director of the Postgraduate Degree in Pastry and Chocolate from the Culinary Institute of Barcelona.

Training itineraries

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