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Integrative Healthy Cooking

Cook of the Healthy and Integrative Cooking course of the Culinary Institute of Barcelona with beet in the hands
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  • Duration

    3 months class hours

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  • Schedule

    From Monday to Wednesday from 8 am to 2 pm. This course requires an additional time commitment from the student for individual study and group work.

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  • Places

    16 students

  • Price

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January 2021

7,500 €



September 2021

7,500 €

From 6,000 € registering before November 13, 2020



January 2022

7,500 €

From 6,000 € registering before November 13, 2020


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Healthy cuisine is in vogue. Now more than ever. But apart from being healthy, people now want their cuisine to be gastronomic. Chefs are becoming eco-chefs, green chefs, chefs that endeavour to change the world based on healthy products, sustainability and the environment...

Nutrition and diet are full of stigmas in a society that searches for trends, brands, names, concepts, fast diets and, above all, many miracles. In this postgraduate degree, we want to open up a new dimension in healthy cuisine as the focus of the food paradigm and culinary and gastronomic thought. We want to tear down the conceptual barriers of diets and find in ourselves an integration between healthy eating, lifestyle and products and how to cook them.

We will open up a new dimension to healthy cuisine as the focus of the food paradigm and culinary and gastronomic thought.


  • 1

    To teach students about the connection that has existed between science and food, nutrition and the transformation of cuisine since its origins.

  • 2

    To develop the related skills based on each of the ingredients now used in healthy cuisine. Obtain a broad knowledge of gastrobotany, the various culinary trends with a focus on the healthy world.

  • 3

    Learn to appreciate the differences in each and be able to develop broad knowledge to be able to determine the culinary results of each.

  • 4

    Come up with a scientific basis for various diets, from ancient times to the present day.

  • 5

    Nutrients, food, the energy of nutrition, balance through food, food philosophy, alchemy in the kitchen.

  • 6

    Food for an athlete, a baby, an elderly person, a diabetic, a person with celiac disease, etc.

  • 7

    Food for stress, anti-ageing, antihistamines, etc.

  • 8

    Come up with a good basis for the various conditions and illnesses and their incorporation into a healthy diet for their culinary transformation in a restaurant.

  • 9

    Transversal axis to see the culinary transformation of different social actions such as health, poverty, social denouncement and social integration in cuisine.

At whom it is aimed

At chefs who wish to develop healthy cuisine based on a new way of thinking about diet and ways to prepare food, with a move towards integrated and current food and nutrition.

At chefs who want to work in hospitals, nursing homes, health resorts and restaurants that serve healthy dishes.

The first step for anyone who wants to develop a new, healthier restaurant concept.

For restaurant chefs who want to update their knowledge and skills on well-balanced and healthy haute cuisine, be familiar with the food trends for people with health conditions, allergies or food intolerances.

Requisites for admission

The 16 candidates accepted on this course tend to be individuals with a passion for the world of sweets.

Admission process

  • 1

    Complete the admission form and submit documentation.

    This process is completed online using this link.

  • 2

    Admission test and level of Spanish language proficiency.

    Even though we will provide you with the simultaneous translation pilot system, some knowledge of Spanish would be useful. The admission test will give is an indication of your level and of your personality traits, willingness to work and creativity.

  • 3

    Interview with the program coordinator.

    You will have a telematic interview with the program coordinator, who will assess your compatibility with the group and your contribution to the same.

  • 4

    Admissions Committee.

    Your application will be sent to the Admissions Committee, which will make the final decision based on information received during the process.

  • 5

    Approval and reservation.

    If the opinion is positive, you will be able to enrol by paying for a place booking. Welcome to CIB!


Postgraduate degree from CIB



The student works and puts their knowledge into practice and develops their skill.


Students acquire knowledge through active listening and observation of a teacher or instructor who transmits this knowledge.


Students have a life experience in which they engage in specific learning, usually with greater emotional intensity than rational intensity.

Program directors

Xevi Verdaguer

Xevi Verdaguer

Xevi Verdaguer is a psychoneuroimmunologist (PNIE), a scientific proponent and physiotherapist specialising in acupuncture, osteopathy and integrative posturology.

His holistic vision of human health, based on the most recent scientific research, has made him a leading professional. A teacher in Masters’ and postgraduate programs, international congresses held by various universities and a director of the Masters’ program in PNIE offered in Barcelona and Madrid.

He is the director of the Xevi Verdaguer PNIE institute where, together with a multidisciplinary team, he provides assistance and has a role in research.

As a scientific proponent, he has appeared on various television programs and contributed articles to newspapers and magazines, is a consultant to a number of food supplement companies, collaborates with different clinics by conducting scientific studies so that (illegible) wishes to inform the public of and show the population the most recent research on “how our habits can change our lives".

The author of two books: "El segundo cerebro” (“The second brain”), sold with the extractor of Juissen Xevi Verdaguer, and of "Transforma tu salud” (“Transform your health”), published by Grijalbo (Random House).

Boglarka Dul

Boglarka Dul

Her curiosity and affection for healthy eating became his lifestyle and, little by little, her profession. After working for a number of years in the world of economics and marketing, she decided to study cooking and pastry at the Escuela Bellart de Barcelona. She was part of the team at the Restaurante Caleri, next to Xavier Pellicer.

Her strong point is the plant world and healthy natural cuisine and nutrition (including macrobiotic food and ayurveda).

She is a pioneer in, and a great lover of, fermented foods. What motivates her most is when food is served as a natural medicine as well as another item on the plate.

Training itineraries

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