Kimberly García

Cooking challenge, from food to nutrition

Kimberly is a pastry chef with studies and practices in French kitchens.

Her eagerness to know the origin and to know how to apply the present and the novelties of the science of nutrition to be able to transform it through the technologies led her to study the Postgraduate in
Integrative Healthy Cooking.

Now she is able to merge the currents of healthy eating with her previous knowledge, being able to propose innovative alternatives in the kitchen.

Kimberly tells us about her experience in the world of cooking...

What did you do before studying Integrative Healthy Cooking?

What experiences have you had in the kitchen?

How is the CIB different from your previous experiences?

What motivated you to study the postgraduate?

What would you
say was your biggest learning?

What subject is the one that contributed the most to you?

In what way do you think you have evolved?

What has been one
the biggest challenges you
have experienced?

At the CIB we teach to think, to doubt, to try and make mistakes, to do what nobody
did before

Postgraduate in Integrative Healthy Cooking