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A Matter of principles

Ferran Fisas

Ferran Fisas

We are born of a change and we keep changing without ceasing. Change is synonym of evolution. And training also has to serve for that: to grow and evolve.

For years, society tends to be obsessive about overvaluing knowledge. It insists to the point of frustration in putting pressure on young people in their studies, without cultivating their values, skills and attitudes. And that is a big mistake.

In traditional training centers students are not valued for what they really good at, but for what they’re expected to know. Skills such as imagination, creativity, eloquence and even intelligence are penalized. They aren’t motivated nor trained to be innovators, but they are trained from the past to the past, without thinking about the future.

At CIB we teach to improve, to question, to imagine, to search and to find new possibilities using our intellect, which is not exactly very rational but totally emotional.

We teach to do things more than to know things. We teach to love and to survive, and not to accept the established. Because we know that what’s established is ephemeral and often even incorrect.

We are obsessed in our teaching procedures so that our young people can overcome the scenarios of change, do them their own and know how to adapt to the new circumstances with absolute naturalness. We try to teach to set, pursue and achieve objectives, not be afraid of making mistakes. Because only those who are willing to make mistakes are able to do really wonderful things.

That's why we created CIB. To do it.

Ferran Fisas


Training model

We base our methodology on 6 axes that allow the formation of leaders capable of successfully facing the challenges of the 21st century.

Learning based on challenges

Learning based on challenges

An education model that:

It exposes students to real problems, favors the development of their transformative leadership competences and makes them more competitive in today's world.

Generates motivation and sense of achievement.

It links the student with the environment, so that tangible value is generated.

It offers challenging experiences that develop entrepreneurship and human sense.

It is experiential, collaborative and knowledge integrator.



That's why: flexibility is a living concept, patent in each of our facilities. Teaching spaces, active and dynamic in which the student is the center. And so:

Our classrooms change. With chairs that are not just chairs, but a mobile personal work space that adapts to the characteristics of each student and each class.

All our students have an intelligent translation PILOT headset, which allows them to speak and follow the classes in their native language. Without cables nor complications.

There is also time for the student and his classmates to work at their leisure.

Inspirational teachers

Inspirational teachers

We know that, although it is reason that teaches, it is learned from emotion. That's why each of our teachers:

Live passionately the pedagogical experience, and it shows.

He is interested in the student, challenging, guiding and strengthening his development.

It stands out as an academic and leader in its discipline, it is innovative and takes advantage of technology.

He participates actively and formally in his professional, business, academic and social environment.

It has a close link with the students, it is a good example and it leaves a mark on them.

Memorable experience

Memorable experience

Our students spend at least one year with us and during their training they live:

A global, diverse and multicultural learning community.

Academic and professional practices on the Campus and outside of it.

Student development activities that provide diversity of challenges and encourage the development of skills.

360º training

360º training

We are not satisfied with being providers of knowledge, all our students receive a 360º training.

Technological, product and its manipulation.

To manage business, other people and themselves.

Leadership, social and professional.

For the recognition of the environment and of themselves.

Because it is when these four circles converge when success occurs.

Accessibility and transparency in all types of devices such as smartphones or laptops

Accessibility and transparency

All communication from CIB, teachers and students, is accessible and available 24 hours a day throughout the year.

Personal instant messaging, by groups and general.

Archive of videos, audios and documents.

Video and audio in real time.

It's easy, it's Facebook Workplace.


More than cuisine

We teach to create

We teach to create

At CIB we bet on Design Thinking. A process, with clear stages and objectives, that seeks to maximize the creative impulse and guide it towards the generation of results and the creation of innovative products. A methodology developed by IDEO.

We teach to cooperate

We teach to cooperate

At CIB we teach our students the importance of working together to achieve their goals. Our working groups are formed by eight people of different cultural, geographical and idiomatic influences. We promote interculturality and the exchange of concepts, precepts and biases that help our students to keep their minds much more open and willing to change.

We teach to grow

We teach to grow

At CIB, we create leaders. A leader is the one that others follow because they trust him. That is why we cultivate in our students the values and attitudes that will help them not only to lead their own lives, but also that of their work teams. To do this, we equip them with skills aimed at adapting to constant change, those that will allow them to fully develop independently of the paradigm changes that lie ahead. We create protagonists of the change.