CIB school


The objective of the school is to teach people to build their own future

An institute designed to transform cuisine

Founders from the cooking school Culinary Institute of Barcelona

This is the idea with which three teachers in Barcelona started to design what is now the Culinary Institute of Barcelona, an educational project to train professionals who will lead the kitchens and restaurants of the 21st century.

Different training for professionals who do not want to be the same

Student from Restaurant Management course in class

We are aware that we live in a world characterised by a constant paradigm shift, a world that demands a new type of professional who can provide valuable solutions and in which technology, creativity and innovation are key. For this reason, we have adapted the teaching model used in Silicon Valley, the Mecca of digital technology, to international gastronomy. That makes us different.

The best experience of your life

The Culinary Institute of Barcelona is designed so that you have a unique and unrepeatable experience based on multiculturalism, creativity and innovation.

Students and CIBers from Culinary Institute of Barcelona

Transparency: the CIB in data

The idea of transparency can be intimidating. For us, it is the gateway to establishing a relationship of trust.

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