Sebastián Hernández

From chef to creating my
own restaurant

Sebastián comes from Mexico with the purpose of becoming a chef and expanding his gastronomic vision, training with the Haute Cuisine Chef Diploma.

I want to be a chef

During his training, he realized the importance of management in multiple kitchens, equipment and processes and began the postgraduate in Executive Chef and F&B Management.

I want to lead

His desire to start and create a business with a differentiated value proposition pushed him to pursue a postgraduate degree in Restaurants’ Executive Management.

I want to start
a business

After his journey in the world of cuisine, in an uncertain scenario marked by the pandemic, he has launched his own Dark Kitchen in Mexico, Morsa Bagels.

He shares his path to entrepreneurship.

How has your life been after the CIB?

Where did the idea for your business come from?

What concepts do you work with in your Dark Kitchen?

What kind of products do you distribute?

What was the most difficult when starting the business?

What has surprised you the most about the process?

What lessons learned from the CIB have you been able to put into practice?

What subjects have contributed the most to you?

Any advice for those who want to start a business?

At the CIB we teach to think, to doubt, to try and make mistakes, to do what nobody did before

Gran Chef Diploma