José Bastidas

A chef never stops learning

José is a former student of the Postgraduate in Fire Cooking and Low Temperature, with 
a vital and professional
career that goes beyond
professional stoves.

He started his career in International Relations, but with one semester away to graduate, he felt that he should make a profession of his gastronomic passion. 

His past and background with his grandmother's traditional cuisine, and his experiences for years in India, expanded his mind, completely changing his vision and perspective of international, local and traditional gastronomy.

José tells us why to be a professional chef you never have to stop learning…

What did you do before studying at the CIB?

Why did you decide to leave the restaurant?

What inspired you to study cooking?

What experience marked you the most as a chef?

Why did you decided to study at the CIB?

What did you value the most about the Postgraduate?

What subjects surprised you the most?

Which were your favorite experiences?

What would you recommend to somebody that wants to study at the CIB?

Innovation is what lets you go ahead in the market. If you do not innovate, you'll go behind those who do

Postgraduate in Fire and Low Temperature