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Postgraduate specialist in:

Fire and low temperature

For chefs who want to take a leap towards greater specialization dominating high and low temperatures to offer differentiated gastronomic experiences for the XXI century.

Teacher of Culinary Institute of Barcelona cooking with embers in a class of the course fire specialist.
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Beyond the cuisine of temperatures.

Here we teach you to create and lead the kitchen of the 21st century.

To differentiate yourself, you have to be different.

Fire has been and is the protagonist in professional kitchens. The growing supply and demand mean that to stand out we have to create and master modern and ancestral techniques to the endless possibilities offered by the combination of cooking temperatures in the product and the technique according to the gastronomic and cultural context to which we are addressing.

The knowledge of the product that we find in different parts of the world provides us with different techniques and ways of treating fire that require learning skills and scientific knowledge. From its different cuts, uses and techniques such as nitrogen or lyophilization to the flame of the torch, the heat of the open barbecue, the cooking of a barbecue oven, the outdoor fires or the art of smoking. New trends of the last two decades such as sous vide cooking and low temperatures open up new possibilities to offer value from professional kitchens. and are now one more technique to use perfectly.

It is not enough just to master knowledge and practice, it is necessary to have tools for creativity and innovation to provide solutions to problems, create opportunities, advantages and competitive differences before others. Nowadays, specializing is the objective to be a reference in what you are passionate about and thus be able to offer it to your clients.

The Postgraduate course in Fire and Low Temperature turns the chef into a specialized expert in high and low temperatures with a complete domain of the raw material and its combinations to apply it to specific aims and contexts worthy of the 21st century.

This program offers the student tools in creativity, leadership of oneself, of others and of the business, as well as a look towards the present and future of the restaurant industry. Lasting three months, this postgraduate course is an independent module of the Gran Chef Diploma career and takes the student to the next level of their professional career, allowing them to create, highlight and add value to the fire and low temperatures of any restaurant.

Culinary Institute of Barcelona students

Learning aims

Get ready to cook in the 21st century

How you will learn

246 hours designed so that every day

is a spectacle for your learning.

We don't teach you recipes, that would be teaching you to copy.

Here we teach you to create and
lead the kitchen of the 21st century.



Memorable experiences
for the rest of your professional life.

We are continually creating dozens of unique experiences for each call.




The profile

Who will you share with?

Who is right for this program


  • Education in the culinary industry is old fashioned

  • Education is an investment in my future

  • Education in general is distant from the realities of the 21st century

  • Education should be international

  • Education should allow for both a family life and a professional life

  • Barcelona leads international gastronomic innovation


  • To give a boost to your career

  • To gain mastery cooking temperatures

  • To gain the best education

  • To stand out from the crowd


  • Entrepreneur

  • Passionate

  • Challenging

  • Creative

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What the price includes

Absolutely everything

After CIB

Cibers, students of the Culinary Institute of Barcelona cooking.

[ Attitude ]


Being a CIBer is to be ready for tomorrow. This attitude is what unites them, as well as the goal of impacting the future by changing their surroundings.

After the CIB everything starts

  • Jobs board

    Former students of the CIB have access to our jobs board. The CIB guarantees a level of talent for restaurants, hotels and food production businesses.

  • Starting your own project

    The CIB is also an ecosystem for opportunities. We love to surround ourselves with talent and we know how to come along with you on the initial steps of your journey, helping you with your ideas and even assisting you in gaining financing.

  • The next generation of teachers

    We nurture the talent that comes from our classrooms. Sometimes we have the chance to bring this talent on to our team.

  • Next generation of teachers

    We are attentive to the talent that emerges from our classrooms and if the opportunity arises to join our team.

  • Networking

    When you finish your course, besides the knowledge you will have acquired, you’ll carry with you countless contacts from talented students from across the world and your teachers. It will be up to you to make the most of them.

  • Your continuous education

    CIBers always have privileged access and the best conditions under which to keep learning on our continuous education programmes, post graduate programmes and Explorer Campus.

  • Use of the facilities

    Whenever you need it, the CIB will be available for you to use to accelerate your ideas, do your presentations or whatever your proposal is.

Career opportunities

Whatever your future will be.

Here we teach you how to stand out.


  • Specialist chef in fire and low temperature cooking

  • Head of kitchen

  • Team leader

  • Head of innovation projects (R&D)

  • Co-create a business in the culinary area

  • Private chef

  • Gastronomic director in the food and catering industry

  • Director of new product development

  • Gastronomic advisor

Your competitive edge:

  • You will have reached a deep understanding of the product that you could not gain in other schools.

  • You will gain an in-depth 360º vision of gastronomy, its environment, its products, technologies and all contexts.

  • You will be able to create, innovate and complete the objectives before others.

  • You will have an advantage in restaurants where fire and cooking techniques have an influence.

  • You can boost the influence of temperature gastronomy in any gastronomic restaurant.

Admissions process:

Getting accepted by the CIB

At the CIB, we receive thousands of admissions requests, but only a small amount of them reach the final acceptance phase.

The profile of our candidates is determined beforehand for each new intake and the Acceptance Committee strives to comply with the established criteria. Only a handful of candidates passes the final phase.


  • Be over 18

  • Pass the Admissions Committee Assessment

At the CIB, we do not take into account your academic background. Instead we look at your attitude and inclination towards creativity and innovation, as well as your entrepreneurial spirit and your life experience. We believe in people, not in curriculum vitae.That's why you should try it

  • 1

    Request information
    Send us your request and an advisor will call you as soon as possible to talk you through the process.
  • 2

    Send in your admissions form
    Once you have spoken with the advisor, they will give you access to the admissions form and advise you on how to complete it successfully. We want to know about you, how you live, how you think, what you’re doing and what’s important for you.
  • 3

    Assessment interview
    If your motivation form stands out, you will pass to the interview phase. You will be able to arrange it at your convenience. We look at your attitude and inclination towards creativity and innovation, as well as your entrepreneurial spirit and your life experience.
  • 4

    Acceptance committee
    The Acceptance Committee will look over your application the Monday after your interview and that same day we will notify you by email.
  • 5

    In the same notification, we will explain all about the process to reserve your place and to begin registering for the course. You will have 30 days to complete this process.