Alba Gil

Challenging myself as a pastry chef

Alba is a very creative pastry chef with great organizational skills, skills that she put into practice as the manager of a restaurant's dessert area.

Despite having a lot of knowledge, she knew that there were areas in her profession that she had not yet mastered and she wanted to know more deeply.

In order to make a leap towards greater specialization in order to undertake and reinterpret the world of desserts and chocolate in the 21st century, Alba decided to train in pastry and chocolate.

After finishing her studies at the CIB, Alba tells us about her evolution as a professional.

What did you do before studying at the CIB?

What were you looking to learn in the postgraduate course in Pastry and Chocolate?

How would you describe the atmosphere at
the CIB?

What is your best memory of your experiences at CIB?

What was it like to share in a multicultural environment?

Tell me about the challenges

What was the challenge that marked you the most?

What have been the learnings that you value the most from the course?

What areas did you improve with this course that you did not master before?

How would you summarize your experience at the CIB?

At the CIB we teach to think, to doubt, to try and make mistakes, to do what no one did before

Postgraduate in Pastry and Chocolate