Culinary Institute of Barcelona

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CIB school

The campus

A school located in the centre of Barcelona that you can easily reach by bus, metro, commuter train or bicycle. 1,600 m2 of active space specially designed so that learning is the best experience of your life.

What will you find at our facilities?


cookery classrooms

Fitted with the most modern cooking and safety equipment, our classrooms are ideal for experimenting and putting what you have learnt into practice. Your best laboratory.



A fully-equipped patisserie is the perfect place to give free rein to your sweetest creations.


demonstration amphitheatres

Two amphitheatres, both on the ground floor, equipped with a large kitchen that can be observed from a booth for 24 people.


dynamic classrooms

Two dynamic classrooms for 48 people and two more with space for 16 people, all on the first floor. These are spaces equipped with the Steelcase Node chair, totally modular, to configure the space according to the needs of each work session.


digital classroom

A supervised classroom where you will be able to learn and improve your digital technology skills.


active classroom

An active classroom with a maximum capacity of 64 people, on the ground floor. A space similar to the dynamic classroom, but which is characterised by its size. Students do not have a passive or aesthetic role. Rather, they have a very active role through blackboards, panels and modular tables.



Workrooms are exclusively for student use, and are located on the first floor. They are small workspaces equipped with a table and eight chairs where students work on their group trunkline projects.


social space

This is the open and central space of the CIB whose function is to foster active intercommunication and socialisation between students and teachers.



A store where you will be able to find all of the products and tools needed for your learning.


students office

Where students find solutions to their curricular and extracurricular problems.

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