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The culinary sector requires trained professionals who stand out for their experience, distinctive skills and their ability to bring added value to their position.

Enrolling on one of the CIB’s combined programs allows you to choose your specialization, save on tuition fees and get access to personalized restaurant internships, while discovering what you want to do next.

You might be looking to take your first steps into the world of work, take your career in a new direction, or improve your knowledge and skills as a chef. Design and build a program that suits your goals and expectations.

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CIB Methodology

We shape our students using transformational learning experiences

Students in a creativity and innovation workshop at the Culinary Institute of Barcelona

If you don't change, you can’t evolve, and that's what precisely education should be: teaching people to evolve.

As an european culinary school we prepare our students to acquire the skills and competences to be able to question, think outside the box, push the boundaries to seek and find new possibilities.

We teach how to set, pursue and reach goals, to dare to make mistakes. Because only those who are willing to make mistakes, are capable of doing truly wonderful things.

That is why we created the CIB, the cooking school where we can make things happen

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Chef molecular gastronomy Watch the video
Chef haute cuisine student from Brazil at the Culinary Institute of Barcelona Watch the video
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Student chef in healthy cooking from Portugal at the Culinary Institute of Barcelona Watch the video
A Mexican student changes her careers to become a chef at the Culinary Institute of Barcelona Watch the video

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Students attending and professor teaching in future classes at the Culinary Institute of Barcelona. Student from the Culinary Institute of Barcelona on an agricultural experience #NOchef Movement for the International Chef's Day at the Culinary Institute of Barcelona Cover of the Mexico culinary session of the haute cuisine chef diploma program. CIB students in advanced pastry class Cover of the culinary session species of the haute cuisine chef diploma program. Students from the Culinary Institute of Barcelona in a teamwork workshop Haute cuisine dessert made by a student of the Culinary Institute of Barcelona
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Culinary school Barcelona

We were founded as a international culinary institute and with the idea of nurturing a new generation of chefs and entrepreneurs to build their careers based on a principle of respect for the products and people. A generation capable of confidently leading their own future and being key players in the changes that the 21st century will bring.

We are committed to teaching that transforms people through our unique methodology. In our professional cooking courses, we use creativity to solve problems, we apply innovation as a driving force in the market, and we are permanently looking ahead to the future in order to move in the right direction.

CIB is the International Culinary School of Barcelona.


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The purpose of the CIB


An initiative of the Culinary Institute of Barcelona to dignify the profession of chef in accordance with the values of 21st century society.

About the initiative

Why study cooking
in Barcelona?

The Culinary Institute of Barcelona was born in the heart of Barcelona. If you want to study cooking abroad, the Catalan capital is one of the most culturally and gastronomically diverse cities in the world. It is the point at where diversity, creativity, and innovation meet, and where leading culinary artists and world-class restaurants were founded.

If you are looking for a cooking school in Spain, choosing the Culinary Institute of Barcelona means living in an environment of multicultural heritage, talented entrepreneurs and dynamic economic climate creating the perfect background for those with the skills to adapt to change, stand out with their culinary creations or live your transformation as a chef.

Life here is calm and easy. The city has more than 400 km of cycle lanes to explore the city and you can get just about anywhere on public transport. There are cultural, sports and music events happening all year round. Its artistic and cultural history, where gastronomy is the center of all eyes and palates, make the Catalan capital a unique place to live and study.

Welcome to CIB, welcome to Barcelona!