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Postgraduate course in: Advanced Culinary Techniques

Molecular Cuisine, Fire and Low Temperatures

Take your culinary career to the next level by mastering advanced culinary skills and technologies with this fire, low temperature and molecular gastronomy course.

Chef cooking with in the Advanced Culinary Technique Course

Introduction to the Advanced Culinary Arts and Techniques Specialization Program

Beyond avant-garde cooking.

We teach you how to innovate and create culinary experiences worthy of the 21st century

Professional kitchens, the social climate, food consumption and new products have evolved more in the past 25 years than in the previous 250. As such, the gastronomic sector is now in need of more specialized chefs who are able to take on the culinary challenges of the future.

After completing the Specialization Program in Advanced Culinary Techniques, you will be at the forefront of these changes. You will break all the rules of food physics and chemistry to create and innovate in professional kitchens and the food industry, using every tool in your arsenal, from age-old cooking techniques to new avant-garde culinary methods, to develop new products, culinary proposals and multi-sensory experiences using the most advanced technology.

The Postgraduate course in Advanced Culinary Techniques will lead you into the future of gastronomy by giving you new advanced culinary skills acquired through scientific and gastronomic rigor. You will improve textures, discover new flavors, alter the chemistry of food, use techniques such as freeze-drying, discover the behavior of gasses in carbonation and learn about different cuts and their application, from a global and creative perspective.

The Specialization Program in Advanced Cooking Techniques offers comprehensive training in professional contemporary cuisine that includes two gastronomic trends:

  1. Molecular and Scientific Cooking: You will learn to apply science in the kitchen by using innovative techniques such as spherification, gelation, freeze-drying and deconstruction, among others, and to transform ingredients’ molecular structures to create surprising textures, flavors and presentations. This program will not only provide you with a molecular gastronomy degree, we will challenge you to break all the physical and chemical rules of food to create and innovate in a professional kitchen or in the food industry. You will use avant-garde culinary techniques and develop new products, gastronomic proposals and multisensory experiences for 21st century cooking.
  2. Fire and Low Temperature Cooking: You will master the fine art of cooking with fire and low temperatures by learning techniques such as sous-vide, smoking and cooking with liquid nitrogen. You will understand how to combine raw materials with each of the heat and temperature techniques and apply them to specific objectives and contexts worthy of the 21st century.

Both trends shape avant-garde cuisine and allow you to experiment with the exciting world of contemporary cooking, using unusual ingredients, 3D printing of food and artistic presentation techniques.

This is the most comprehensive and up-to-date intensive program you can find on the market. During this 14-week course, you will learn from a disruptive methodology that will not involve repeating recipes, but rather developing the tools to learn through scientific formulation and creativity to find better solutions and develop innovative proposals that will help you build your own personality as a chef.

You will be completely transformed over the three months of cultural immersion in the city of Barcelona. Thanks to this fire, low temperature and molecular gastronomy course, you will acquire the confidence to design, organize and lead kitchens in any international haute-cuisine restaurant, launch your own project or business, lead R&D in an industrial-scale business, or advise other industry professionals on the development of new products and concepts.


Learning objectives of the Specialization Program in Advanced Culinary Techniques

To prepare for avant-garde cooking in the twenty first century

How you will learn to become a chef specialized in advanced cooking techniques

330 hours designed to make each day

of your learning into an unforgettable show

We don’t teach you recipes, that would be teaching you how to copy

We teach you how to create, innovate and lead in the 21st century


CIB Methodology

Who is our Postgraduate Course in Advanced Culinary Techniques for?

For chefs who want to
experience the most advanced cooking

What are CIB students like on the Specialization Program in Advanced Culinary Techniques

For chefs who want to excel
in one of the most valued positions in the sector

The CIB is for you if...


  • Training is an investment in your future

  • Training should have an international focus

  • Current culinary training is outdated

  • Traditional training is not adapted to the 21st century

  • Barcelona leads the way in international gastronomic innovation

  • Training must allow for positive work-life balance


  • To work in any field, context or business model

  • To take your career to the next level

  • Excel as a pastry chef

  • To have the best possible education


  • Entrepreneurial

  • Passionate

  • Creative

  • Non-conformist

  • Defiant

Opinions on the advanced culinary tecniques master

The CIBers, our students, talk

Prices and admission calls

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What does the price include?

Absolutely everything

Benefits of being a CIBerSon

The CIB is just the beginning

Cibers, students of the Culinary Institute of Barcelona cooking.

[ Attitude ]


Being a CIBer means being ready for tomorrow. They are united by this forward-thinking attitude and their goal of impacting the future by enhancing their surroundings.

  • Job opportunities

    CIB alumni have access to our job bank called "I want a CIBer". The CIB is a guarantee of talent for restaurants, hotels and food companies.

  • Entrepreneurship

    We nurture the talent that comes from our classrooms. We are surrounded by great professionals who will know how to accompany you in the initial stages of your projects.

  • Events

    The CIB organizes and hosts many events, and you, as a student or alumnus, will always be more than welcome.

  • Networking

    When you finish your course, besides the knowledge you will have acquired, you’ll also have gained countless contacts of talented students from across the world, as well as your teachers. It will be up to you to make the most of them.

  • The next generation of teachers

    We keep an eye out for talent and nurture that which emerges from our classrooms. Sometimes we have the honor of incorporating this talent into our team.

  • Your continuous education

    CIBers will always have privileged access to our continuous education programs under the best conditions, including our postgraduate programs.

  • Use of the facilities

    The CIB will be available for you to accelerate your ideas, give your presentations or propose an activity whenever you need it.

Why study the molecular gastronomy course in Barcelona?

The city of Barcelona drives

molecular gastronomy into the future.

The city of Barcelona has been a major pioneer in molecular gastronomy, and its influence has contributed to gastronomic innovation across the globe. In 2003, the city hosted the first international congress on molecular gastronomy, which brought together leading scientists and chefs to discuss the latest developments in the field.

Since then, Barcelona has continued to lead at the forefront of gastronomic innovation, hosting international conferences and workshops and attracting some of the world’s most talented chefs. The city is home to several Michelin-starred restaurants that specialize in modernist cuisine, and its vibrant food scene is a major attraction for tourists from all over the world.

If your goal is to experience molecular cuisine and transform the gastronomic industry in order to solve the challenges of the 21st century, Barcelona is the place to be.

Career opportunities

Whatever your future

Here we teach you how to differentiate yourself


  • Chef specialized in avant-garde cuisine

  • Chef de cuisine

  • Chef de partie

  • Innovation project manager (R&D)

  • Private chef

  • Gastronomic manager in the food and catering industry

  • New product development manager

  • Gastronomic consultant

Your competitive edge:

  • You will have gained a deep knowledge of the product that in other schools you would not have been able to have.

  • Your 360º vision of high and low temperature gastronomy, its environment, its products, technologies for any context will stand out.

  • You will be able to create, innovate and meet objectives before others.

  • You will have an advantage in restaurants where modern and avant-garde cuisine have influence.

  • You will be able to drive the creative and innovation area in any international restaurant

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How do I submit my application to the CIB?

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  • Step 4

    Pass the evaluation interview

    If your admission form impressed us, you will move on to the interview phase with the Admissions Committee. This online interview will be set at a specific time depending on availability.

  • Step 5

    Get accepted into the CIB

    If you pass our evaluation interview, our Admissions Committee will send you an email with the exciting news that you have been accepted into the Culinary Institute of Barcelona.

  • Step 6

    Complete your enrollment

    You will have to reserve your place the same week you receive the acceptance email, and pay the rest of the registration fee within 15 days (30% of the total amount of the course you have chosen).