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Restaurant Management Programs

The best formative experience of your life

Whether you are the owner, or if you want to create, direct and lead the catering industry of the 21st century, these are the training programs that will allow you to take advantage of the market.

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Student from the Restaurant’s Management courses from the Culinary Institute of Barcelona.


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Students of the course in Restaurant’s Operative Management working in a creativity and innovation workshop


Restaurant's Operative Management

For those who understand the restaurant beyond the kitchen. A program designed for those who want to gain control of the restaurant.







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Chef and Students in a management class of the Executive Restaurant Management course of the Culinary Institute of Barcelona


Restaurants' Executive Management

If you are an owner or a manager, you will acquire the zenith, numerical and holistic vision of any restaurant and catering business.







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Student creating the market strategy on a blackboard for a restaurant of the course in Strategic Restaurant Management.


Restaurants' Strategic Management

If you want to start your own business, this postgraduate focused on product design, business models and the tools to create your project.







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Students of the Culinary Institute of Barcelona in a class of the Master's Degree in Restaurant Management


Master's degree in Restaurant Management

Combining 3 postgraduate courses of your choice you will obtain the Master’s Degree in Restaurant’s Management. To lead all facets of your business.







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The methodology

In our style

We love the difference because we know that for things to be better it is necessary to make them different.

Professor at the Culinary Institute of Barcelona applying creative methodologies on the board.
  • Student-centered

    Everything in CIB is designed with you in mind. Our facilities, methodology, contents, teachers and even our selection of students.

  • Objective Based

    Acquisition of knowledge, development of skills and empowerment of attitudes to increase your chances of succes. These four words are the areas in which we combine all subjects, some unitary and others transversely, through challenges that serve to self-assess and train for the setting and fulfillment of objectives.

  • Teamwork

    You will work alongside students of multiple nationalities, cultures and personal motivations on a rotating but always heterogeneous basis.

  • Experiential

    You will live your training in an active way, participating in the sessions so that you will always feel to be the protagonist, and you will attend activities and formations outside the CIB that will provide you with a realistic vision of the world that surrounds you by the protagonists of change.

If something characterizes CIB are the axes on which its methodology is based:

Creativity, as a tool to find solutions, much earlier than others, to the many problems that arise.

Innovation as a standard for distinguishing and outstanding yourself from your competitors, by creating more profitable and sustainable business models that are adjusted to the new market realities.

The constant look to the future that gives you an advantage so that you detect threats before others , turning them into opportunities.

CIB Life

Check it for yourself

After CIB


Cibers, students of the Culinary Institute of Barcelona cooking.

[ Attitude ]


Being a CIBer is to be ready for tomorrow. This attitude is what unites them, as well as the goal of impacting the future by changing their surroundings.

After the CIB everything starts

  • Jobs board

    Former students of the CIB have access to our jobs board. The CIB guarantees a level of talent for restaurants, hotels and food production businesses.

  • Starting your own project

    The CIB is also an ecosystem for opportunities. We love to surround ourselves with talent and we know how to come along with you on the initial steps of your journey, helping you with your ideas and even assisting you in gaining financing.

  • The next generation of teachers

    We nurture the talent that comes from our classrooms. Sometimes we have the chance to bring this talent on to our team.

  • Next generation of teachers

    We are attentive to the talent that emerges from our classrooms and if the opportunity arises to join our team.

  • Networking

    When you finish your course, besides the knowledge you will have acquired, you’ll carry with you countless contacts from talented students from across the world and your teachers. It will be up to you to make the most of them.

  • Your continuous education

    CIBers always have privileged access and the best conditions under which to keep learning on our continuous education programmes, post graduate programmes and Explorer Campus.

  • Use of the facilities

    Whenever you need it, the CIB will be available for you to use to accelerate your ideas, do your presentations or whatever your proposal is.

The Space

Made for it to be the best formative experience of your life.
Students working lateral skills in the active classroom.

[ Creative Colaboration ]

Active Classroom

A work space with capacity for 64 people with the objective of being a symbiotic tool between the activity, the people and the context.

[ Always in the first row ]

4 dynamic classrooms

Four dynamic classrooms for 48 people with modular chairs to configure the space according to the needs. Here the student is always in the front row.

One of the 4 dynamic classrooms of the Culinary Institute of Barcelona.