An initiative by the Culinary Institute of Barcelona to dignify the chef profession in accordance with 21st-century values

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The Value Proposition
of the CIB

“The drug and alcohol consumption that ruins personal relationships and leads to exhaustion during service”

Gone should be the image of the rock & roll star chef living life on the edge. When such situations or environments arise, our CIBers will know how to face them thanks to the skills they acquire during their training and the mental health sessions that equip them to detect risky situations.

“Trying to make yourself understood amid yelling, receiving orders in a harsh manner, and enduring humiliation from clients”

At the CIB, students learn to manage themselves and lead others through lateral skills and effective communication sessions. Valuing oneself, one’s work, and one’s team, and knowing how to communicate efficiently and assertively, are also part of being a good chef.

“Working 60 or more hours a week, including Saturdays, Sundays, mornings, afternoons, and nights.
Working during Christmas, missing your children’s birthdays, and having no time for yourself”

A culinary school should teach more than just cooking. At the CIB, we teach students that the gastronomic sector is changing and that they are the driving force behind this change. Beyond specific workshops, all sessions in their training inherently develop lateral skills, enabling them to seek creative solutions. They will shape the future of the gastronomic sector.

“Restaurateurs who seek recognition above all else while paying their employees minimal wages”

At the CIB, teamwork is taught from day one, from creativity and innovation bootcamps to various challenges. Everything focuses on teamwork. We believe that growth and success must be sustainable and collaborative.



The world lives in duality. The world of gastronomy is no different.
On the one hand: collapsing chefs, closed restaurants, inadequate wages, violence, and excess. On the other: more restaurants than ever, glamour, money, fame, and success...

Is it possible for some to have so much without the subjugation of others?
Most kitchens are not the idyllic places as we see in some reality shows or TV series, where chefs work creatively and harmoniously to deliver excellent service. Often, more than they should, kitchens can be a nightmare where yelling, harsh words, and authoritarian commands infiltrate daily life.

The famous "Yes, chef!"—a manner inherited from the military, with its uniforms and stripes—grates in a world that is increasingly global, diverse, empathetic, and sustainable. That’s why, at the Culinary Institute of Barcelona, we clearly say "NO, CHEF!", to collaboratively build a new paradigm.

As a culinary school, we feel forced to inform our students about the reality of what happens in most kitchens today. But as an educational institution, our purpose is to share values, skills, and tools that prepare them to lead the changes needed to transform the future.

Students from all over the world, with a great passion for gastronomy, who want to convey or change something through their own projects beyond just cooking. Our mission is to train them to achieve this, so that they build their destiny with values and ethics that make them, their teams, and the world better.

This made us question many things, which is why we launched “NO, CHEF!”, with the aim of challenging the status quo still entrenched in the sector and starting to turn over the dry soil to let new ways of understanding and dedicating oneself to this profession grow.

From the moment a student steps into the CIB, our goal is to transform them as a person. Here, we don’t teach cooking recipes—you can go to YouTube or another school for that. Here, we teach them to acquire judgment, to be critical, to question, to take on challenges. We teach them humility, but we also teach them to lead. We teach them that to go further, they need to do so with a team that trusts them. We teach them that for everyone to succeed, success must be collective.

Leaving behind what has been learned to learn anew is sometimes not easy, but it is the only way to move forward. Otherwise, we will only repeat the mistakes of the past.


CIB Students reaction to mean comments about their profession

At the CIB · Culinary Institute of Barcelona, we believe in the educational field as a catalyst for change. We instill these values in our students and make them active participants and proponents of this initiative. As future leaders of the sector, their voices and opinions will help to destigmatize this reality.


Education as a lever for change

We are born from change, and we don’t stop doing it. Those who do not change do not evolve, and teaching should be serve this purpose: to teach how to evolve.