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Modular Culinary Programs

CIB trains both those who want to be chefs through our Chef of Haute Cuisine program, as well as professionals who are already trained or experienced. In this second case, the chefs can choose to attend on of seven culinary specialization programs.

As such, we offer molecular cuisine course or a course in fire and low temperature cuisine to deepen scientific and creative cuisine.

For those chefs who want to specialize in healthy cooking, our Integrative Healthy Cooking program is a professional healthy cooking course, with a complete vision and culinary practice that integrates healthy eating and the way of living and cooking.

If our student's goal is to specialize in professional pastry, CIB prepares our students in Pastry and Chocolate.

To enter the world and gastronomy of banquets and events, there is a postgraduate course specializing in catering and events, which unifies vision and practical execution to design and offer events with the necessary tools to undertake, lead and manage the commercial and administrative part.

For professionals who want to lead a professional kitchen, the postgraduate course of F&B Manager and Executive Chef transforms the student into a professional prepared for the executive management of any kitchen in the world.

3 annual opportunities
Programs begin in January, May and September

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Our Methodology

There’re no classes,
there’re responsibles

There’re no teachers,
there’re inspirational coaches

There’re no classrooms,
there’re active scenarios

There’re no subjects,
there’re memorable experiences

There’re no levels,
there’re objectives and challenges

There’re no grades,
there is return and growth

CIB’s cooking school

"We train you to star the technologic, social and economic singularity of 21st’s century"




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amphitheaters for demonstrations


audiovisual classroom

Students of the CIB cooking school in the central atrium

Atrium, CIB’s social space

Teachers in the master class of the CIB

One of CIB’s theaters

Students cooking at the Culinary Institute of Barcelona

One of the five kitchens of the CIB

CIB Life

CIB is matter of principles

"Our methodology is based on teaching to create, cooperate and making our students grow"



We bet for Design Thinking methodology to maximize the creative impulse.



We promote interculturality and the exchange of knowledge to achieve the goals of our students.



We cultivate the values and attitudes to lead the lives of our students and their future professional teams.


"Protagonists of change"

Specialist Postgraduate Chef Degree

6 ways of dominating cuisine

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