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Postgraduate in:

Restaurants' Strategic Management

Student creating the market strategy on a blackboard for a restaurant of the course inn Strategic Restaurant Management
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  • Duration

    3 months class hours

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  • Timetable

    From Monday to Wednesday 8 am to 2 pm. It also requires study and additional preparation outside classroom hours.

  • Places

    24 students

  • Price

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May 2021

9,500 €

From 8,075 € registering before November 13, 2020



May 2022

9,500 €

From 7,600 € registering before November 13, 2020


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In order for a catering company to develop, it must respond to the external environment in an effective manner without losing sight of the resources available to it, its own abilities and its strengths. For that reason, irrespective of the size of the business, it is crucial to have tools of analysis and planning tools that provide us with the strategic approach needed to determine the situation of our business and of its environment. Only in this way will be it able to select and implement the most appropriate and competitive strategies for its growth.

In this postgraduate program, you will acquire the key knowledge needed to develop a business plan to increase the chances of success of new business initiatives or, in the case of existing businesses, of new approaches. In both cases, the implementation of the business plan must make use of methods that facilitate the management of the project in a controlled environment to avoid surprises and unforeseen events.

There is no course more exciting than this one: you soon realise that what you experience today will happen tomorrow


  • 1

    Provide advanced knowledge of management accounting and finance to be able to identify viable and non-viable projects, as well as processes that create value for the business.

  • 2

    Provide students with the tools and techniques to improve the performance of work teams, developing management skills and maintaining leadership in the long-term.

  • 3

    Master current online and offline promotion and sales techniques, using the user experience as a starting point.

  • 4

    Learn the methods and tools used to manage the business and make decisions from a strategic perspective.

  • 5

    Provide essential knowledge of engineering applied to catering, the design of production facilities and customer service.

  • 6

    Train the student on the economic and business knowledge required to develop a Business Plan.

  • 7

    Teach students how to plan, execute and evaluate projects in controlled environments.

At whom it is aimed

At professionals who wish to open new restaurants.

At entrepreneurs who wish to start businesses in the catering sector.

At managers of establishments and chains of establishments who wish to exploit the qualities of their businesses further and to better effect.

At students who have already completed one or more modules of Management and Executive Restaurants Management and wish to complete the Masters’ degree in Restaurant Business Management (MRBM).

Requisites for admission

Pass the pre-admission interview.

Admission process

  • 1

    Complete the admission form and submit documentation.

    This process is completed online using this link.

  • 2

    Admission test and level of Spanish language proficiency.

    Even though we will provide you with the simultaneous translation pilot system, some knowledge of Spanish would be useful. The admission test will give is an indication of your level and of your personality traits, willingness to work and creativity.

  • 3

    Interview with the program coordinator.

    You will have a telematic interview with the program coordinator, who will assess your compatibility with the group and your contribution to the same.

  • 4

    Admissions Committee.

    Your application will be sent to the Admissions Committee, which will make the final decision based on information received during the process.

  • 5

    Approval and reservation.

    If the opinion is positive, you will be able to enrol by paying for a place booking. Welcome to CIB!

Content structure

Skills Area Subject Methodology Credits
Main Technology Knowledge Economic management Participative 3
Main Technology Knowledge Resource management Participative 2
Main Technology Knowledge Experiential marketing Participative + Workshops 3
Lateral Manage Business Work equipment design Participative + Workshops 2
Main Manage Business Strategic thinking and entrepreneurship Participative + Workshops 3
Main Manage Business Project management Participative + Workshops 3
Main Technology + Context Knowledge Field work Experiential 3
Lateral Me + World Life experiences Experiential 1
Lateral Manage Business Innovation and creativity workshops Workshops 2
Lateral Manage Yourself + Manage Others Lateral skills Workshops 5
Mixed Transversal Core project Progressive 3



Skill focus

Disciplinary areas

Program director

Josep Gala

Josep Gala

Josep Gala is a consultant and trainer specialized in management and organization of tourism companies. He has collaborated in various university schools in economy and business programs, and sustainable development in face-to-face and online formats. In his career he has held positions of responsibility in tourism companies and has also been dedicated to the management of international cooperation projects in various countries such as Morocco, Bolivia or Argentina. As a consultant, he has advised entrepreneurs in the planning, implementation, improvement of results, reorientation of businesses related to restoration.

He is a founding member of the CIB - Culinary Institute of Barcelona - of which he is its CEO Barcelona, the world capital of gastronomic innovation, business schools, the best football, international congresses, biotechnology, mobile and video games is also the city of adoption of Josep.

Urbanita by obligation, Josep is the executive soul of the Culinary Institute of Barcelona since its foundation precisely because in its genome is included the order, management, ratios and the fixation, pursuit and fulfillment of the objectives.

But if something defines Josep is his immense sensitivity that further accentuates his ability to empathize as a teacher.

Training itineraries

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