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Postgraduate Degree in:

Restaurant Operations Management

For professionals who want to manage and gain control of the day-to-day running of any type of restaurant.

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Students of the course in Restaurant’s Operative Management working in a creativity and innovation workshop
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Managing is not enough.

Here we train the managers of the restaurants of the 21st century.

Managing a successful restaurant is a challenge due to its complexity.

It is not only a question of having a balanced and well-designed gastronomic offering in order to bring in income. There are many factors involved in the management of a business: relating to customers, pushing the business through digital media, responding effectively to demand, establishing relationships of trust and working with suppliers; all factors that affect the management of a restaurant business.

Having control over these factors is key to operating safely and coherently across our whole business. The restaurant sector is in constant change, where competition is tough and where there is a need to respond to customer expectations. This is why new trends must be tools to help us improve and lead our business to success.

The Postgraduate Degree in Restaurant Operations Management is part of the Master’s degree in Restaurant Management and is designed for those wanting to manage a restaurant by taking control of the day to day running of any establishment.

It focuses on key aspects of the day to day running of a restaurant and provides the tools, methodologies and the vision for optimum operations.

At the same time, it develops creative skills by providing methodology and helping you with cognitive skills. This postgraduate course will also help you improve your communication skills: interacting with your customers, your suppliers, your employees and society in general, improving your teamwork skills and establishing your way of leading.

With a duration of 3 months and intensive work, this postgraduate course provides a pragmatic overview and emphasises day-to-day management, purchasing, logistics, pricing, best operability and dealing with other actors, suppliers, customers and workers.

You will visit establishments and see their business models. These will be explained by their managers and owners, who will help you understand the difficulties they have to overcome in their day-to-day work.You will enhance your creative thinking skills for problem solving. We will guide you towards innovation as a tool to create an edge and a way of leading based on trust.

Culinary Institute of Barcelona students

Learning aims

Get ready today for what may happen tomorrow

How you will learn

216 hours designed to train you in

finances, purchasing and sales, logistics and problem solving for restaurants.

More than just knowledge.

We train the restaurant managers of the 21st century.





For who?

The profile

Who will you share with?

Who is right for this program


  • Restaurant management training is outdated

  • Barcelona is a leading city in international gastronomic innovation

  • Education in general is distant from the realities of the 21st century

  • Education is an investment in my future

  • Education should be international


  • To take your restaurant to the next level

  • To gain the best education

  • To give a boost to your career

  • To stand out from the crowd

  • To start your own business


  • An entrepreneur

  • Passionate

  • Creative

  • A leader

  • Non-conformist

  • A challenger to the status quo

When and how much

The moment is yours

Advance registration offer.

The sooner you register, the less you’ll pay.

Next programme

September 2021

7,500 €


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What the price includes

Absolutely everything

After CIB

Cibers, students of the Culinary Institute of Barcelona cooking.

[ Attitude ]


Being a CIBer is to be ready for tomorrow. This attitude is what unites them, as well as the goal of impacting the future by changing their surroundings.

After the CIB everything starts

  • Jobs board

    Former students of the CIB have access to our jobs board. The CIB guarantees a level of talent for restaurants, hotels and food production businesses.

  • Starting your own project

    The CIB is also an ecosystem for opportunities. We love to surround ourselves with talent and we know how to come along with you on the initial steps of your journey, helping you with your ideas and even assisting you in gaining financing.

  • The next generation of teachers

    We nurture the talent that comes from our classrooms. Sometimes we have the chance to bring this talent on to our team.

  • Next generation of teachers

    We are attentive to the talent that emerges from our classrooms and if the opportunity arises to join our team.

  • Networking

    When you finish your course, besides the knowledge you will have acquired, you’ll carry with you countless contacts from talented students from across the world and your teachers. It will be up to you to make the most of them.

  • Your continuous education

    CIBers always have privileged access and the best conditions under which to keep learning on our continuous education programmes, post graduate programmes and Explorer Campus.

  • Use of the facilities

    Whenever you need it, the CIB will be available for you to use to accelerate your ideas, do your presentations or whatever your proposal is.

Career opportunities

Whatever your future will be.

Here we teach you how to stand out.


  • Operations manager

  • Restaurant Manager

  • Service manager

  • Purchasing Manager

Your competitive edge:

  • You will have learned about and practiced with different restaurant business models.

  • You will have experienced real challenges and problems during the course to prepare yourself.

  • You will have developed cognitive and leadership skills allowing you to lead an excellent culinary team.

  • You will have the preparation to successfully join any multidisciplinary and international culinary team.

  • You be able capable of creating, innovating and achieving your objectives over the rest.

Admissions process:

Be accepted by the CIB

At the CIB, we receive thousands of admissions requests, but only a small amount of them reach the final acceptance phase.

The profile of our candidates is determined beforehand for each new call and the Acceptance Committee strives to comply with the established criteria.Only a handful of candidates passes the final phase.


  • Be over 18

  • Pass the Admissions Committee Assessment

At the CIB, we don’t take into account your previous academic preparations. Instead, we look at your attitude and inclination towards creativity and innovations, as well as your entrepreneurial character and your life experience. We believe in people, not curriculums. That's why you should try it.

  • 1

    Request information
    Send us your request and an advisor will call you as soon as possible to talk you through the process.
  • 2

    Send in your admissions form
    Once you have spoken with the advisor, they will give provide you access to the admissions form and advise you on how to complete it successfully. We want to know about you, how you live, how you think, what you’re doing and what’s important for you.
  • 3

    Assessment interview
    If your motivation form stands out, you will pass to the interview phase. You will be able to arrange it at your convenience. We look at your attitude and inclination towards creativity and innovation, as well as your entrepreneurial spirit and your life experience. We believe in people, not curriculums. That's why you should try it.
  • 4

    Acceptance Committee
    The Acceptance Committee will look over your case the Monday after your interview and that same day you will find out by email.
  • 5

    In the same notification, we will explain all about the process to reserve your place and to begin registering for the course. You will have 30 days to complete this process.